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Cooling Systems for the Hot Weather in Florida

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All about cooling systems

Chances are you’re under the effects of a cooling system right now. If you live in southern Florida, that’s almost a guarantee. Before cooling system technology, people relied on fans and windows to keep ambient temperatures low indoors. Now, thanks to advances in engineering, more powerful options are available. Let’s learn about cooling systems, specifically for use in southern Florida.

Why do I need a cooling system in Florida?

When summer rolls in and the heat becomes unbearable, the only solution is a high-quality cooling system. Though it may not be the hottest part of the United States in terms of pure temperature, the humidity levels in Florida make cooling systems in homes, businesses, workshops or on the go a dire necessity. South Florida is especially humid owing to the large bodies of water that surround it and the increased levels of precipitation in the summer months. Without proper temperature control, you’re looking at a serious problem. Increased sweating, less comfort, more fatigue… the list goes on. So, if you live in an area with high levels of heat and humidity, then you would find it helpful to read up on this article about cooling systems for hot weather in Florida.

What kind of cooling systems are there?

There are many kinds of cooling systems for many different purposes. Let’s start by considering an indoor cooling system for everyday use. A great proportion of a homeowner’s electricity bill goes to powering their central air conditioner. Purchasing a portable AC unit is a good way to cool parts of your home efficiently, rather than activating the entire central system. A great benefit of these machines is that they also dehumidify the air, perfect for Florida’s wetly encompassed environment. As long as the space has proper airflow, throw one of these units into a room and it will work wonders to bring the heat and humidity to a relaxing level. An evaporative cooler fulfills a similar purpose but isn’t recommended for Florida’s climate. The reason is that evaporative coolers add moisture to the air, which is something you don’t want in an already humid environment.
Outdoor options for businesses and such include misting fans and air curtains. A misting fan works by infusing the ambient air with cooled water droplets. This is an efficient system that is great for the fronts of shops or restaurants. Air curtains are placed in front of entrances and release a constant sheet of air that blocks insects from entering. This way, the device allows people to freely pass through the entrance while still defending against pests.
It’s important to also consider air quality when using cooling systems. An air filtration unit is a handy tool for those who suffer from allergies from pets and pollen. Nearly every home already has some form of air filter, however installing an upgraded system is a healthy choice for your family.

What kind of cooling system should I use?

For an in-home cooling system, the portable AC is recommended. This device runs air through an internal cooling system and then delivers it through a tube to an outside source. You’ll need to be prepared to change the water dish as it collects moisture from the room. It lowers the humidity in your home and can be moved around to suit different needs at different times. Buying one of these units is a small investment, however, think about how much money you’re saving on electricity. Just to cool one room in the house, people will usually activate their built-in central cooling system. If you’re going to be in one room for an extended period of time, rather than activate the entire system, simply purchase and use a portable AC unit for lower energy usage. Also, if you are looking to cool an area that isn’t connected to the central cooling system by a vent, this is one of the best ways to cool down the space. You’ll want to spend a couple of hundred dollars on a portable AC system, anything less than that will likely not be an efficient device. Remember that the price is worth it in terms of energy efficiency, you’ll likely be saving more than a few hundred dollars within a year.

Portable Cooling Systems

If you’re looking for portable cooling systems, you’ll want to bring along an evaporative cooler despite the added humidity. The system works by fanning air mixed with evaporated water into the room. These devices will increase humidity level indoors, but have little consequence when used outdoors. The best way to use these coolers is when working in a highly ventilated area such as an open garage. The ambient temperature will be affected for the better while the humidity levels will naturally acclimate to the outdoor weather. As far as portable cooling systems go, you may be able to find a cheaper option that works for a small space like the inside of a small office. For larger spaces, you’ll want to spend two or three hundred dollars for a machine that can keep up.
A misting system is about the same price as a portable AC unit, however, the installation is more difficult. This is a great option for patios, however, it’s quite a task ensuring that you don’t damage anything or let the water build up in certain areas. For this reason, it’s recommended to have misting systems installed by a professional. Though it’s complex, a misting system has higher cooling capabilities than most other outdoor cooling machines.
An air curtain is very important for Florida, as flying and crawling insects will make their way everywhere that’s accessible to them. If you want to keep your home or shop’s entrance open to help ventilate air and welcome people in, you’ll need an air curtain unless you also want to extend the invitation to a number of pests. Again, you’ll be spending a few hundred dollars for one of these machines. It may be a convenience for some, but air curtains are a necessity for many business owners.
Finally, the best candidate for an air filtration system is someone who lives in a home filled with pets or someone who lives in an area with dense allergens. The air filtration system will filter out pet dander and microscopic pollen particles to make breathing healthy and easy.

What about industrial cooling systems?

In this section, we’ll talk more about large scale cooling systems for industrial use. Most businesses use standard AC units that are housed outside of the building. These units can be massive and require constant maintenance. A company understands that energy costs are inherently high in Florida, however, the breakdown of an AC unit is much more serious than in other parts of the country. If the temperature isn’t maintained, it will take just a few hours for a work floor or office to become unbearable. Therefore the cost of operating a cooling system is always worth it to keep business smooth and revenue flowing. A business may also implement air curtains and mist systems, however, these are better for situations where customers will be entering and exiting.
Construction sites and storage facilities will also pay top dollar for a working dehumidifier and on-site cooling system. If workers are in danger of heat stroke or are just too fatigued to work efficiently, there are no way projects can be accomplished. Everyone who manages an outdoor project should be thinking of on-site temperature control.

How do I know if my cooling system is working?

A cooling system’s benefits should be obviously felt. If you aren’t sure whether your choice of cooling system is working, it probably is not. Different models and types of systems can have a wide variance of efficiency under different conditions. With so much technology available, there’s no doubt that somewhere out there is the perfect cooling system for your needs. Don’t sweat over it, make an investment into a high-quality cooling system and comfortably save.

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