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Misting Fans for Cooling Outdoor Settings

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Everything You Want to Know About Misting Fans for Outside Settings

If you live in South Florida and want to pay tribute to the people who came up with the idea of misting fans, write a letter to Steven M. and Geri Utter because they’re the geniuses who developed and patented this amazing product in 2001. Must you have a degree in engineering to understand how these work? Not really. A blower propels air through a discharge tube as a fine spray of water, contained in a pressurized tank or released from a hose connection, delivers a delightful, cooling mist. 

If you’ve stood around at a South Florida wedding in July thinking about pouring the champagne over your head to find relief instead of drinking it, you know how refreshing and invigorating a misting fan can be, and the number of environments into which this outdoor cooling system can be employed continues to increase as new designs appear on the market. Do you need a reason to justify buying one? If so, we’ve found 20, so pick and choose the ones that apply to you and enjoy every day of the coming summer months! 

20 Great reasons to consider this type of outdoor cooling system
1. Install one on your patio to escape being imprisoned by your home air-conditioner. 
2. Get the kids away from their games and devices by creating a cooling space for them outdoors. 
3. Use a misting fan to moderate discomfort while working in a garage or warehouse. 
4. Invite friends over for that barbecue you’ve put off because your yard is too uncomfortable. 
5. In commercial and industrial settings, a misting fan can improve the morale of workers. 
6. Increased humidity cuts static electricity as tiny water droplets permeate the air. 
7. Lower temperatures in the fan’s 1,000-square foot radius by as much as 30-degrees F. 
8. Use a misting fan to make things comfier at church picnics and social gatherings. 
9. Use one at sporting events to keep athletes from suffering heat-related illnesses. 
10. For business owners attending outdoor trade shows in the heat, you could do more business than your competitors! 
11. Choose from portable (battery driven) or plug/cord 120-volt electrical models. 
12. Materials used to fabricate fans are so sturdy, they stand up to extreme heat. 
13. Adjustable and versatile, you can alter the fan’s tilt, speed, height and the amount of mist dispensed. 
14. Compact portable air conditioners use 900+ watts of power while a misting fan consumes around 300 watts. 
15. A gallon of water dispenses 7,776 BTUs of mist hourly; you don’t run up high electric bills. 
16. When humidity is high, air has more room for new water vapor, so a misting fan cools more efficiently. 
17. Keep your family healthier because mist cleans the air (which is why China uses mist cannons to mediate particulates and smog!). 
18. If you maintain a greenhouse, plantings will grow faster and better with a misting fan on duty. 
19. Commercial fans can pre-filter water, so droplets are free of impurities. 
20. Misting fans are so popular, you can comparison shop and find one that suits your specific needs! 

What you should know to keep your misting fan operational
Like all power-driven products, there are protocols associated with operating and maintaining a misting fan that are unique to the unit, regardless of which brand, size or capacity you choose. Follow these sensible suggestions and the fan you choose will deliver years of enjoyment. 

Select a space that offers plenty of distance from walls. Constant exposure to mist has the potential to destroy paint finishes, wallpaper, art and even upholstered furnishings that can develop the mold or mildew that plagues South Floridians. 

Choose the fan with the most number of options. Portability can be a lifesaver if you intend to take your fan on the road because you intend to use it for special events, parties and other outdoor gatherings. A misting fan that features wheels is especially valuable so you can reposition it during an event without having to lift it. 

Don’t ignore the owner’s manual. Remember that you’re dealing with electrical circuits and potential safety issues if proximity is close, so do yourself a favor and read the manual before you operate your fan. Wires and circuitry can absorb moisture that can lead to a short circuit, but your manual will explain ways to prevent these situations. Don’t operate your fan in close proximity to wood furnishings prone to water damage. 

It’s all about the nozzle(s). Even if you treat your misting fan with more TLC than your pet, there’s one feature that can be overlooked, yet without it, mist delivery is impossible. Hard water and debris found in many of South Florida’s water systems can be the culprit that blocks output. Get into the habit of using white vinegar to keep your nozzle(s) open and functioning. 

Proper fan maintenance. In addition to babying nozzles, water accumulation can become problematic. Undertake routine inspections of the entire fan on a regular basis to make sure no rust or corrosion has begun to build up that can impair performance and lead to the fan’s deterioration. 

Ventilation and positioning are critical. Relegate your fan to safe corner. Droplets are so small, they couldn’t make people wet if they tried but if there’s no ventilation, the fan won’t perform as well. Did you know that installing a misting fan in an area where there’s heavy foot traffic can invite disaster? It’s true. Not only can someone bump into the unit, but water tanks could spill and cause an accident and/or compromise electrical components. Paying attention to ventilating and positioning may even help your commercial or homeowners insurance agent sleep at night! 

To tank or not to tank, that is the question. The type of misting fan you pick for your home or business requires a specific water source. Built-in reservoirs are lifesavers if you intend to use the fan at sites where no water supply is available. On the other hand, a direct water hookup like a threaded hose port is nirvana for anyone who doesn’t want to have to worry about filling a tank repeatedly to keep it going for long periods of time. A standard garden hose can supply your fan with all the water you need, but hoses can present tripping hazards, so keep that in mind. 

Pros and cons of investing in a misting fan
If you’re not quite ready to make your buying decision, it’s understandable. There are pros and cons to be considered since these are no inexpensive purchases. A quick look at today’s market shows that you can find an acceptable product for $500, but the big boys can set you back $5,000 if you’re seeking the Mercedes Benz of fan misters. That stated, take into account these pluses and minuses and your path to purchase should be clearer. 

-Run a misting fan for an hour and use very little water compared to the 75 gallons of water it takes to run an AC for an hour. 
-New designs, brands and configurations are helping to bring down the cost of these products so you get more for your money these days. 
-Cooling is uniform; efficient installation requires just one nozzle per 3-feet of tubing. 
-If you’re handy and know your way around a schematic, setting yours up could be easy. 
-As long as your home has an exterior hose bib, you can introduce a steady stream of water without having to refill a tank. 
-Your misting system can double as a plant irrigator when it’s not cooling people. 
-You’ll definitely see a difference in your power bills once you begin using your misting fan on a regular basis. 

-The misting fan you want and need could be priced out of your budget range. 
-If your home has water pressure problems, you will need a fan with a pump that could add to the cost of the fan you buy. 
-If you’re not a plumbing whiz, installation or maintenance will require you to take out your checkbook for professional help. 
-Some home’s exteriors can suffer from perpetual misting by compromising walls, paint and trim, so proper positioning is critical. 

There’s a lot to be said for adding a misting fan to your arsenal, whether you live in South Florida, Texas or Alabama. And if you love to entertain year-round, this is one addition to your budget that can pay off big time in terms of your social life. And since misting fans have been known to successfully get even petulant teens out into the fresh air, who knows how much your family life can be improved simply by making your backyard the place everyone wants to gather, even when temperatures soar! You can purchase a misting fan from us for any type of outdoor setting… Shop now!

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