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Warehouse Fans: The Different Sizes, Shapes and Uses

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Warehouses have unique requirements because of their functionality. One of their greatest demands is for ideal air circulation. Stagnant air causes myriad problems inside of distributions facilities.

It’s worth understanding a few fundamentals about which types of fans belong in a warehouse. It also pays to know what each one does. Here’s a summary of the most pertinent details. Fans for warehouses come in multiple sizes and can range in price from very affordable to high-end expensive. One thing is sure; these fans help ventilate warehouses the proper way.

Pedestal Fans

These warehouse fans are smaller and will circulate air in more confined spaces like hallways or offices. The pedestal fan is a classic design where the top part flows air by rotating through a limited range of motion.

These units are relatively lightweight and portable. There’s a budget-friendly choice that offers adequate performance. Another benefit is that the floor manager can move them around as needed quickly. That’s helpful for times when certain areas need cooling more than others. Every warehouse benefits from an inventory of pedestal fans.

Floor Fans

These units remain on the floor flowing gentle air past employees. To keep everyone fresh, always have a lot of these type of fans on hand. Stagnant air hurts workers. It saps their morale and strength, which is never suitable for a warehouse. Keep everyone on their toes and feeling great with well-placed ventilation fans. Pick up OSHA compliant models for compliance and safe operation.

The benefits of floor warehouse fans are that they’re inexpensive. They also don’t take up a ton of space or pull too much electricity. However, they do sit on the floor, which is not always an option. If you need their functionality, but don’t have space, you can always wall-mount an alternative instead.

Heavy-Duty Wall Mount Fans

When the workstation or fabrication shops become too stuffy, turn on the great .5 horsepower wall mount fans. You won’t believe how fast the stagnant air moves out and workers get to breathe fresh air.

These units are workhorses and will circulate significant amounts of air. The wall-mountings are industrial grade and durable. The extra investment in a heavy-duty wall mount fan pays off over a lifetime of usage.

Heavy-duty wall-mounted fans are powerful, but also suck up a good deal of energy. They don’t take up any floor space, though, which makes them a reliable choice for many applications. When you choose fans for warehouses, don’t forget these ones.

Industrial Wall Mount Fans

These are typical fans, but with wall mounts. That makes them the proper choice for times when you must free up critical floor space. They’re useful any time you don’t want to put a fan on the floor. These fans are still robust enough to circulate air in a limited space.

These big units are essential for warehouses. Without a number of these, there’s no chance to ventilate a large facility. Circulating air is not something to be left to a whim. Instead, it pays off to invest in industrial wall mount fans to do the heavy-lifting. They don’t take up any floor space and move large volumes of air fast.

Drum Fans

These heavy-duty fans ventilate larger areas in the warehouse fast. High-capacity versions of drum fans can power even the most massive operation. If you need to freshen up the air in a hurry, these commercial units do the job. When you need to blast out piping hot and stagnant air from a section of the warehouse, pick one of these for the task.

Drum fans can be expensive, but they’re workhorses. You need to ventilate large areas, and it will take too long with smaller fans.

Workstation Fans

These fans keep employee’s workstations cool. Most warehouses will use these at the packing stations or other crucial locations throughout the warehouse. They are lightweight fans, but they’re powerful enough to keep the employee’s space cool and fresh.

Companies use all of the fans above in warehouses. However, there are also some smaller common ones that make the rounds, too. You may want to pick up a collection of these types also.

Evaporative Coolers

These big units are portable. They provide temporary “swamps” that lower the ambient air temperature anywhere from 15 to 25 degrees Fahrenheit. These are not typical everyday fans. Instead, they are the goto choice for hospitality tents, auto maintenance shops, or live events.

Misting Fans

It’s possible your warehouse will require misting fans. These are small units that can cool 1,000 square feet of surface area by as much as 30 degrees Fahrenheit. They are generally suitable only for outdoor spaces, but they may have a specific application for your operation.

Misting fans may come in handy in unexpected situations. They last around five hours before needing refilling. They can cool off areas fast, which may be convenient to avoid a disaster.

Dock Lights

You may also consider picking up dock lights. They’re for usage in the dock areas of the warehouse and will light up specific areas. They have a double-arm construction and use a swivel so you can maneuver them around in the work area. These are fantastic utility fans that come in handy on many occasions.

These units are business-friendly because they’re flexible. You can move them as you need to illuminate and ventilate the loading areas.

Portable Blowers

No warehouse would be complete without some portable blowers on hand. These are hand-held units which will dry out a damp carpet or floor in the warehouse in a hurry. These are robust mobile units that will go where you need them. You never know when you’ll need one, so having a few on hand is always a contingency plan.

These units don’t cost too much and offer real value. They give you the freedom of mobility which matters in a massive warehouse. You never know when a spill will cause the need for a cleanup. If you have a few blowers around, you’ll always be ready for any event.

Air Curtains

Place these near doors to keep the controlled climate where it needs to stay. These air curtains not only keep the air in, but they also keep the dust and buys of the outside world where it belongs. These units use a two-speed fan which circulates rapidly, creating an invisible air wall.

Get Ready to Ventilate Your Warehouse

Now you have an idea of all the types of fans you may want to use for a warehouse. Naturally, requirements specific to your facility will end up helping you decide on the proper course of action. Employees in the building need the assistance of fans to stay healthy and fresh. Stagnant air builds up to toxic levels when it’s left unchecked. With the right inventory of fans in place, these issues are never a problem.

Ventilation is on its way when you put together the right network of fans. Warehouses will always need good fans to create excellent working conditions for employees.

It’s worth setting your budget before you start your research. With a number in mind, it will be easy to find the proper fan types you want. Each warehouse is different, but these fans are the ones that every one of them uses on some level. You may need more of one than the other, but chances are high you’ll have at least a few of every kind. There’s no reason to scrimp on fans because they’re incredibly useful. Don’t ever underestimate how bad stagnant air can become in a warehouse. Ventilate properly or face the consequences!

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