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4 Reasons to Keep Your Bathroom Fan Maintained

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There are a number of reasons why you should take care of your bathroom exhaust fan. Your exhaust fan is like many good things in the home: you don’t notice it when you don’t need it, but it’s always there when you do. Even though your fan probably isn’t on your mind very often, it’s a vitally important part of the bathroom. This guide explains the 4 top reasons to stay on top of your bathroom fan maintenance.

1. Bathroom Fan Takes Care of Excess Moisture

The fan is responsible for fixing the excess moisture in the air. This moisture is generated when you shower or take a bath. In smaller doses, it can also be generated when hot water comes out of the sink. Steam propels the water into the air, where it can end up on the ceiling and walls.

Excess moisture might damage your bathroom and even the overall integrity of your house. When you take a shower or bath, the humidity level in the bathroom undergoes a significant rise. This hot, damp environment is the perfect place for mildew and mold to grow. The micro-organisms that may form have the potential to damage your health.

The majority of homes created today have airtight insulation. This means that no outside air will get in if you don’t want it there. Such a setup helps to save energy and also lets you have a great amount of control over your indoor air quality. However, an airtight bathroom will trap moisture. You need to have a stellar ventilation system that can siphon the moisture away.

A good ventilation system will protect your overall health. It’s particularly important if your bathroom experiences high humidity and moisture levels. Additionally, it’s important in bathrooms that are highly insulated.

The bathroom exhaust fan is attached to a duct that runs to the outside of the house. Its job is to draw the impure and stale air up through this duct, until it can be expelled into the outside air. It also draws out excess humidity. This allows clean air to move into the space, which improves the overall indoor air quality.

2. Bathroom Fan Minimizes Home Deterioration

A well-working exhaust fan can minimize the deterioration in your home. The moisture in your bathroom can cause a great deal of damage. Rather than letting this moisture ruin your indoor air quality, your exhaust fan will gently siphon it out of the home.

If the bathroom has a long-term exposure to excessive humidity and moisture, the wallpaper might crack and peel. Paint may become chipped or start to peel as well. Your baseboards and wallboards will become swollen, warped, and ruined. The bathroom door may warp, swelling or twisting so it doesn’t fit in its frame.

Excess moisture doesn’t stop there, though. It will also cause early rusting of your bathroom appliances. Your medicine cabinet, your faucet, your sink, your toilet, your shower- head — everything is vulnerable to early rust. Rust is a huge pain to get rid of. It takes much less time to maintain a shower fan than to remove rust from every faucet in the bathroom.

The fan won’t only get rid of the moisture. It will also remove odors and pollutants. It pulls away accumulating water vapor. You’ll be saved from making untold costly repairs due to water damage.

3. Regular Maintenance Increases Fan Lifespan

Regular maintenance of the fan will increase the overall lifespan. This means you won’t need to replace the fan as often. In addition, the ventilation system will be less likely to break.

If you can see a buildup of dust on the fan, it’s time for a cleaning. If your mirror is steaming more than it usually does, you really need a cleaning. There is one quick test you can do to find out how efficiently your bathroom fan is functioning:

-Take a piece of toilet paper and hold it to the bathroom fan. If you can feel the paper being sucked toward the fan, your fan is working well.

It’s important that you have a functional and clean fan in the bathroom. Many people overlook this when they clean their bathrooms and do household maintenance. Don’t put it off.

On average, a fan should be deep cleaned at least once every year. It’s necessary for there to be airflow through the fan. Dust buildups and grime prevent the ventilation system from working.

4. Working Fans Mean You Breathe Better

When your fan works, you’re healthier. You aren’t breathing in pollutants, spores, and other potentially harmful things and your indoor air quality is much better. Humidity isn’t causing you to wheeze or develop alarming health symptoms.

A working fan is particularly important if you or anyone in your family has respiratory issues. Excess moisture and pollutants can both aggravate respiratory problems like asthma.

How to Clean Your Bathroom Fan

First, you should power the fan entirely off by using either the switch or circuit breaker. Involving electricity in the cleaning process is dangerous.

Next, remove the cover and gently pull it down. If each side has spring clips or metal pins, gently squeeze them to make the cover release. The exact release mechanism will vary depending on your model.

Wash the cover of the fan in the bathroom sink, using warm water and soap. You might also use the nozzle of a vacuum to clean the cover, but soap and water tends to be easiest.

Unplug the fan.

For a deep cleaning, you’ll want to remove the motor and any visible screws. The visible parts will, again, vary depending on what model you have.

You should dampen a cloth and use it to clean the blades of the fan and the surrounding parts of the motor. You may not be completely comfortable removing the motor. If this is the case, you should point your vacuum around the motor and inside the housing of the fan.

Once this is done, it’s time to clean your exhaust vent along with the area surrounding it. Everything should dry before you put the vent cover back.

Now that everything’s clean, you can reinstall the exhaust fan.

With the fan reassembled and ready to go, you can then turn your electricity back on.

That’s really all it takes to have a more efficient and clean exhaust process.

Final Thoughts

Taking care of your bathroom fan is an important part of maintaining the home. Your fan should be thoroughly cleaned at least once each year, and you should clean it whenever you see a buildup of dust. Integrate it into your bathroom cleaning routine to make sure your air quality stays as good as possible. If you believe that cleaning the fan will not resolve its problem, you may choose from a great variety of bathroom fans here.

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